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Aditro Logistics and Byggmax in logistics cooperation

Byggmax AB, an expansive  low-cost player in the building materials trade in the region and Aditro Logistics AB, one of Sweden’s largest independent logistics partners, has signed a cooperation agreement on transport management, 4PL. The agreement means that Aditro Logistics will take over the responsibility for Byggmax transport management, contract procurement and ensure that distribution are of the highest quality.


Stockholm / Borås, Sweden, January, 2016


Aditro Logistics AB and Byggmax AB has agreed a partnership for Byggmax logistics. The agreement means that Aditro Logistics operates as an integral part of Byggmax’s logistics organization. The responsibility includes development, procurement management to ensure that shipments are of the highest quality at the right price. Aditro Logistics will act as a control tower for all shipments, both in Sweden and abroad. The change will have significant quality improvement, reducing environmental impact and cost efficiency.


For more information, please contact:


Niklas Hamberg, logistics manager at Byggmax AB


076 119 00 28


Matthias Kettelhoit, CEO Aditro Logistics


070-583 44 06