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New warehouse in Borås

In connection with the opening of Aditro Logistics’ 40,000 square meter logistics center in Borås, it was released that the company has signed agreements to construct another new logistics center. This time in Nykvarn, Mälardalen. The logistics center of approximately 40,000 square meters will be completed in the year-end 2015/2016.
The building is in a logistics area along the E20 and will meet all imaginable requirements placed on a modern logistics facility. The warehouse will house storage areas, offices and constructed according to the requirements of the Green Building Certificate of Nordic Real Estate Partners (NREP).
“Aditro Logistics is in a very interesting and expansive stage and have been working to establish a new logistics center in Mälardalen where we can continue to grow with new clients “says Matthias Kettelhoit, CEO of Aditro Logistics.
“We at NREP are very pleased to Aditro Logistics AB has chosen to expand its operations in Mälardalen with us. Our long experience in real estate development in logistics means we can we build a high quality building cost and time effective. In this way, we managed to meet Aditro Logistics in an agreement that both parties are happy with” Says Rickard S. Dahlberg NREP.