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Procurator selects Aditro Logistics

Procurator AB, one of Sweden’s leading wholesale company, is outsourcing and moving its logistics to Aditro Logistics AB’s logistics center in Jönköping.

Malmö / Jonkoping, Sweden, June, 2015

Aditro Logistics AB and Procurator AB has agreed on a long-term partnership for logistics management. Procurator will relocate its warehouse and processing/service center to Aditro Logistics in Jönköping.

Procurator has outgrown its current warehouse which complicates the future expansion. The company’s central warehouses in Malmö has after careful analysis not found to be sufficiently. As the company also manages Norway’s and Finland’s orders, Malmö is not an strategic location.
Therefore, board and management of Procurator decided that the warehousing and processing/service center in Malmö needs to be moved to another place. After careful analysis and discussions, the company has reached agreement with Aditro Logistics to take over the logistics.

Zdenko Topolovec, CEO, concludes, “In short, we have outgrown where we are today. But by moving to Jonkoping, we can shorten lead times to customers and enable future expansion through rational and larger surfaces. This will also strengthen our competitiveness. During this process, we have gained great confidence in Aditro Logistics and their team, which we expect as well to develop the efficiency of our logistics in the long term. ”
Matthias Kettelhoit, CEO of Aditro Logistics, “Looking forward to developing future logistics solutions to the Procurator, where the lead time, quality and cost effectiveness is an important part of the mission.”

Fredrik Nygren, Business Manager of Aditro Logistics, commented, “We are proud to the Procurator has chosen us in Aditro Logistics. Our specialization in trade flows, coupled with extensive logistics expertise means that we approach the task with confidence and look forward to a good cooperation. ”

The mission is expected to employ between 30-50 people in Aditro Logistics facility of 85,000 m2 on the Torsvik industrial estate in Jönköping. The project is now starting up and moving in is expected before year end.

For more information, please contact:
Zdenko Topolovec, CEO / President, Procurator AB
40 010-60 002

Matthias Kettelhoit, CEO Aditro Logistics
070-583 4406

About Procurator
Procurator AB is a leading player with one of the widest range of products that are needed each day. Within each sector: Clothing & Safety, Hygiene & Cleaning, Packaging & Office and the Restaurant & Catering, you will find leading brands including our own – Worksafe, BRAGE® Protective and SEMA.

About Aditro Logistics
Aditro Logistics is the largest independent logistics partner in the Nordic region, with over 200,000 square meters of its own logistics center. The company provides logistics services to leading companies in the retail, consumer, fashion, electronics, media, e-commerce, and Industrial Logistics.