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Aditro Logistics has a broad assortment of logistics services, and we administer, optimise and configure the logistics process based on our customers’ needs.

We are logistics partners with many leading companies, and we utilise our experience from all these flows in further developing logistics for our customers. We prefer forming partnerships with our customers and this is often how we work, and once a partnership is formed, we can proactively develop logistics. In this way our services are constantly refined, and in close collaboration with our customers. We have for example, our own installers at various locations in Sweden. We can provide construction of showcases and display racks, handle event logistics and we even have our own department for sewing and embroidery.

”För oss med begränsade och komplexa volymer är det ett perfekt upplägg att ta del av deras kompetens och kunnande”

Christopher Johnsson
Supply Chain Manager Duri och Lundbergs

”I Aditro Logistics hittade vi en partner som ingav förtroende”

Claes Arnesson
VP Operations Gunnebo Fastening Systems

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